Programmer (Unreal)

  • High proficiency using C++ in UE4.
  • Experience with Unity is also accepted if you are willing to invest time to learn Unreal Engine 4.
  • A focus on writing modular and clear code.
  • Proficiency in math on a high school level (HAVO/Higher General Secondary Education)
  • Knowledge of Software
  • Architecture Fundamentals including object-oriented design and data structures
  • Excellent debugging skills

  • Portfolio
    Two or more game development related projects that give a good impression of your skills. Preferably these projects are also playable/testable, but the code is the most important. Explain during your application which parts of your code you want to discuss and explain. If you worked with multiple programmers on a project, make it clear which parts of the code are yours”


game design artist

  • Strong understanding of the game development cycle.
  • Strong understanding of game mechanics and game flow.
  • Strong understanding of both conceptual, practical and technical aspects of game design.
  • Being able to prioritise features based on design pillars, USP and client wishes.
  • Able to lead by example: a positive attitude where you value input from the team and motivate them to achieve their highest potential.
  • Able to give constructive feedback to the team and vice versa: open for feedback from other disciplines, Leads, Producers and clients.
  • Able to recognise improvement possibilities while keeping deadlines, scope and budget in mind.
  • Strong communication and creative problem-solving skills. Strong English communication skills in both verbal and written capacity.

  • For System Designers You know how to translate serious objectives to fun game mechanics. For Level Designers Efficient in Blocking-out and testing the level.”


    game designer

    • You speak and write Dutch or English fluently.
    • You know how to translate serious objectives to fun game mechanics.
    • You are very good at at least one of the skils below:
      • Narrative design
      • UX/UI design
      • Game balance
      • Level design



    • At least one game design document that you have written.
    • Material that shows your contribution to at least 3 games.



    To apply please fill in your CV, portfolio & motivation: